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Jeff Harms Understates


Jeff Harms is a song writer I’ve seen a few times around Chicago.  I guess the first time or two I placed him in the “emotive songwriter/dime a dozen” category.  But the last few times I’ve seen him, I’ve been riveted by his songs.  I had a little trouble getting some of his songs available for download, and since I’m uploading his music here, I will gladly buy an album from him.  I was able to get two, and especially “Dorsal Fin”  demonstrates his ability to understate everything – lyrics, melody and instrumentation – while creating a layered song.  As a person, Harms is also very understated.  He doesn’t understand or acknowledge how much people revere his songs.  Some the baddest musicians in Chicago, including Leroy Bach, formerly of Wilco, are all too happy to play with him in any situation.  But he’ll take really small gigs that barely pay, and then thank who ever gave him gig the chance profusely.   Just a very nice guy with no mind on recognition or a career in music. 

Jeff Harms – “      Dorsal Fin

Jeff Harms – “      40 Hours

  • ken white

    so funny almost wet myself

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