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So Many Ways To Bang


Rye Rye & MIA vs. Dinosaur L :       Bang (Chuck Wild Remix)

Rye Rye & MIA vs. Dizzy Gillespie :       Bang (Prince Of Ballard Remix)

Rye Rye & MIA :       Bang (WTF I Asked for a Kuduro Remix by Buraka Som Sistema)

Not like Rye Rye really needs more hype right now, but I can’t deny that her single “Bang” has been getting repeat plays on my stereo and been creeping into DJ sets (for good a reason too: it BANGS). Finding a recent batch of remixes inspired me to make my own little mashup. I went through a summer where I played Arthur Russell almost obsessively, and I felt it was about time to revisit some of his trancey abstract disco tracks. “Go Bang” (released under the pseudonym Dinosaur L) is one of his most danceable tunes. Another classic usage of Bang goes back to the early Boogaloo groover by Joe Cuba from his Bang! Bang! Push! Push! Push! LP from ’66. Seattle’s creative masher-upper Prince Of Ballard (same man responsible for the classic 99 Problems /Daptones remix) connected the dots on that one, using a version of the song recorded by Dizzy Gillespie– so many layers of BANG it’s hard to keep em all straight! And If you’re playing to a jumping dancefloor, I think this new “non-Kuduro” version by Buraka Som Sistema is kinda unfukwitable. Reminds me of Mantronix’s very appropriately named “King Of The Beats”. 

And as a last lil promo shout, you should come out to our Sex Wax party tonite at Sutra if you’re in NYC and get your BANG on for real. FREE Open bar 10-11, live performances by The Beatards, APSCI, & Kosha Dillz, and of course good music all night! Just say the passwords “YOYO, Like the toy” at the door for free entry. 


    Excellent mix of Arthur Russell and Rye Rye… who would have ever thought a combination would ever exist. Clever execution.

  • prince of ballard

    thanks for the shine chuck, and thanks for 1-up’n me on the remix!

  • Chuck Wild

    wait til they hear the Bataan, POB has that boogaloo crunk! Glad you guys are feelin it.

  • Metah-4 Genome

    YEAH! You know how to pick em I tell you that!!! Glad to come back and swipe some music from ya!! WOOOT! Got the kids singing Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang…LOL

  • Nordy

    OK, I’ll admit it. I watched the Real World…why didn’t you tell us that the Beatards would basically be the soundtrack to the episode?! Pretty good stuff!

  • Chuck Wild

    haha! yeah, I’m half-proud of the MTV biz. But goddam is that some crappy TV.

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