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Beat Don’t Stop


Just got home from LA totally exhausted, but the thought of tomorrow’s party has got me feeling hype regardless. If you’re not familiar with Gordon Voidwell or Collette, do yourself a favor and explore some of their music (myspace is still good for some things). That way, you too can get that extra jolt of inspiration needed to motivate you out of the house and into the night, even on a Tuesday. Once again we will be giving you 2 for 1 drinks before midnight and an action packed show until 4am for the pocket-friendly price of FREE 99. Yes, we are your friends.

And since no update would be complete without a musical offering, I’m leaving you with a couple remixes by the one A. Skillz, teaming up with Beatvandals and Krafty Kuts on these two tracks. Simple funky reworks that I’ve been putting into rotation lately.

A. Skillz vs. Beatvandals :       Beat Don't Stop

Krafty Skillz :       With You

Taken from the Insane Banger 12″ series

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