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Yes we do. Been here in LA with The Beatards crew for less than a week, but I’ve gotten at least a month’s worth of party time in. Been meeting a lot of good people, sweating my ass off (on the beach and in the clubs),  and seeing firsthand how the Angelenos rage. Show with LMFAO was pretty freaking ridiculous, and last night we had a dope in-store performance at the uber-stylee Upper Playground store (thanks for lacing us with the fresh fits!). You can actually check our newest Beatards track exclusively at their website, although it’s not available for download yet. After the party was the after party at this dope spot La Cita, and since legal spots close here at 2, we had to hit the secret afterhours loft where Project Blowed MC Aceyalone was absolutely killing it! So happy I finally got to see him live. And of course, no party night would be complete without hitting a rooftop hottub/pool combo while the sun rises behind skyscraper silhouettes. Good times…

But TONIGHT is really the main event. And yeah, I probably should have posted about this a while ago, but last minute is kinda my style. So any and all LA area people, if you get this in time come out to The Viper Room for a late night ruckus that will surely live on in infamy for years to come! Mixmaster Mike, Mayer Hawthorne, The Beatards, Nola Darling and other special guests. Need I say more? UK funky house/garage veteran Donae’o speaks my mind on this track (if you’re not already, GET FAMILIAR). Bump it while you catch your second wind on the way to the first official Mixtape Riot! LA.

Donae’o :       Party Hard

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