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Gettin’ Jacked


I’ve been in Brooklyn for a good long while now. I was in BK when the towers fell and I remember walking over the Williamburg Bridge to Manhattan looking for friends. I remember when you could still party at raves in Dumbo. I remember walking up Flatbush Ave. for my first time ever at age 16, finally coming up on Grand Army Plaza and being amazed that it wasn’t one of the classic locations that people know NYC by. I’ve been in Brooklyn enough years to say that I’ve lived here longer than any other town in my life, which is long enough to experience one of the most infamous and archetypal of all Brooklyn scenarios- getting jacked. Don’t let the plague of condos or the ever expanding presence of “East-East-Village” fool you, it’s still a gritty place. This song, which I made entirely in one hyper afternoon (beat, lyrics, recording, mix, finito), is about that very real part of my home that I love. Appropriately enough, the laptop and hard drive I used to make the beat were also stolen at a later point, so I can never go back and tweak what I did on that day!

SO many of my friends here can relate 100% to this track, and maybe that’s why it’s been going over really well at our live shows. That’s also probably why I was able to get these dope up-n-coming producers to make extremely ILL remixes just out of the love. I know for a fact that Dypso from Murdertronics has been jacked here at least 3 times, not sure about Morsy, but dude can relate. Even after being jumped by 6 hoodlums, it’s best if you can laugh about it afterward, or even better, make something creative out of it. I’ve been waiting too long already to drop this one officially, so now without further ado, I present a true Brooklyn party starter…

The Beatards :       Gettin' Jacked

The Beatards :       Gettin' Jacked (Morsy Remix)

The Beatards :       Gettin' Jacked (Murdertronics Remix)

or download the whole zip with cover art HERE

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