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Rasta Cusack


Call it writer’s block. I’m feeling three thousand things at the same time and have nothing to say. These songs, which I plan to keep on repeat all day (maybe all week), somehow manage to sum it up perfectly. I guess when you’ve been a DJ long enough, playlists can become the preferred method of expression. Today I’m feeling like the Jamaican John Cusak (somewhere in between Say Anything and High Fidelity).

The Paragons ft. Roslyn Sweat :       Blackbirds Singing (yup, The Beatles)

The Tennors :       Weather Report (Paul Simon! do the research)

Otis Gayle :       I'll Be Around (The Detroit Spinners)

Johnny Osbourne :       Jah Promise (sounds to me like it came direct from heaven)

  • Zay

    These are def going on my BBQ playlist for later today.
    Along with that All Alone remix. and Moon Dog… and well, the list goes on.

  • Claudius J Reno

    Brother Chazmo, thank you for making my Friday afternoon as I finish up work drinking a Red Stripe. Constantly coming through. Thank you good sir!

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