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The drum break on “One More Try” (which is only in the beginning on Dimitry’s re-edit mix) is so nasty I felt a moral obligation to share it with the world. That’s why I still keep up this blog diligently (even when my so-called partners in crime be slacking). It really feels like my duty- with great music, comes great responsibility to share it. So here’s a couple more dancefloor monsters to keep up the vibe that Ashford & Simpson started. I was reminded of this Crown Heights Affair classic at one of the better NYC summer parties I’ve found- The Kitchen Tuesdays @ Jungle Garden in Williamsburg hosted by my friend LinYee (I can’t remember if it was Amir or Geology that played it, but the music was on point all night). I’ve often written off The Salsoul Orchestra as being on the cheesy side of disco, and while that is certainly sometimes true, this cover version of EW&F‘s “Getaway” comes in like a prize fighter dancing around the ring and then brings to mind a parading circus of boogie-ing elephants, giraffes and zebras- at least that’s what I see. Enjoy the music, and if you’re in NYC, maybe I’ll see you out at the Kitchen party tomorrow night.

Ashford & Simpson :       One More Try (Dimitri Re-Edit)

Crown Heights Affair :       Say A Prayer For Two

The Salsoul Orchestra :       Getaway

  • DJ PJ

    Sweet Disco bombs! keep it up!

  • Duncan

    Love that getaway track. I’ll probably include it in next weeks mixtape. Thanks for sharing!

  • Stevo

    WOW, Getaway is on fire!

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