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A Whole New World: Brit-Funk


A groggy morning search through cheap Brooklyn record bins, coffee in hand, shades protecting my swollen shut eyes, lead me to yet another highly rewarding discovery this past Sunday. The fleeting thrill of finding good music from an unknown artist is the force that fuels my never-ending, wallet-breaking record digging quest- a nerdy odyssey of the highest order. However, stumbling upon an entirely new scene or style of music (new to me at least), is a seldom joy that comes with a headrush of self-realization and humility. And what strange new world did I discover this time around, dizzying me with the recognition of my own blinding ignorance? British Jazz-Funk! I must admit, prior to Sunday, I was clueless. This single compilation has changed all that (I’ve already tracked down volume 1 too).

To be fair, I lingered on the highly cheesy cover art because I did recognize one name- Freeez, who will be getting their own dedicated post here soon – but all the rest of these artists were new to me. Even Freeez I thought of more as an 80’s New Wave-ish electro group ala I.O.U. But I had no idea they were part of a whole Euro contingent who were laying down slap bass lines and warped synth stabs to make Nile Rodgers and dare I say it, even Cheryl Lynn nod in approval. So here’s a few premium cuts off this excellent double LP which I encourage you all to track down in full. If you lack an appreciation for cheese, then it’s probably best you steer clear today’s selections. But for those that can funk with this, stay tuned for some more heavy British business from Freeez coming soon.

Linda Taylor :       You And Me Just Started

Cool Runners :       Play The Game

Direct Drive :       Time's Running Out

all taken from The Best Of British Jazz-Funk Vol. 2 on Beggars Banquet (1982)