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Don’t Step On My Sneakers!


Working hard doesn’t really do it justice. I have now found a singular focus in music that is really all consuming. Sorry to my friends who think I flake on them, to the girls who are pissed at me for not calling back, and to my own mother whose birthday I forgot (by 3 days!), but there is a reason, if not an excuse: I’m making music. This here is the latest single, fresh back from the mastering spot. If you haven’t seen my group The Beatards live, then it may be difficult to picture just how ballistic we get while performing. These days there aren’t enough hip hop groups that are willing to jump around non-stop and sweat buckets on stage. We couldn’t do a show without that. And we’ve got a lot more music on the way.

This is an official leak, since the songs will be up on the iTunes store soon (and then people will have to buy them, or find them on a sketchy Russian 1 cent per mp3 site). If you’re inclined to making remixes or listening to straight beats, then I’m also sharing a link to the zip file with acapellas & instrumentals for you to mess around with. More coming soon so keep your ears right hear!

The Beatards :       Don't Step On My Sneakers &       Get Lite
cop the whole single with artwork, aca’s & instrumentals HERE

ALSO- my good friends and fellow rockers OUTERNATIONAL have a big show this Friday at Highline Ballroom to celebrate the release of their new CD Eyes On Fire. Japanther and R-Tronika will be on the bill as well- Good Times!

  • dj sunshine

    .zip link is not working. Like the second verse on ‘don’t step’—-prefer the dub-steppy bassline to the guitars.
    Get Lite —- wow….I’ll be surprised if this doesn’t blow up.

  • Chuck Wild

    thanks for the feedback! The .zip link works for me, does anyone else have trouble with it? Maybe just a slow connection?

  • dj sunshine

    works fine now. might have been the connection. thanks!

  • ixley

    hah, well I’m not gonna lie, you are a flake homie – but regardless, these tracks are still hot! I’m also diggin the day-glo text. Pretty handy font, no? Your graphic skills keep climbing! Quite impressed.

  • Keph Le Roc

    On heavy rotation — slammin!

    Stay up

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