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Freeez-in: A Not-So-Caribbean Winter

Temperatures are finally starting to drop a bit here. Spent the better part of the weekend shooting a music video for Get Lite (Trampolines, Acrobats, BMX, Dance Crew, Skaters… it’s gonna be bananas),  and some of that time was spent dancing in the freeeeezing rain. We had a crew of kids who were total troopers- popping and jumping around with the beginning stages of hypothermia setting in. I think my body also went into some state of intense shock after it was all over, because I ended up sleeping for 15 solid hours straight. Heaven must be like that. When I finally woke up, I needed some BRIT FUNK! As promised a lil while back, an entire post of music by Freeez. If this doesn’t thaw you out, you may be dead.

All selections by FREEEZ

      Southern Freeez ,       Flying High &       Caribbean Winter
all taken from Southern Freeez 0n Beggars Banquet (1981)

      One To One
taken from The Best Of British Jazz-Funk Vol.2 on Beggars Banquet (1982)

      I.O.U. &       We've Got The Juice
taken from Gonna Get You on Beggars Banquet (1983)

and one more fresh video, peep the nonchalant suave of this lead singer!

  • Mr. Branch

    She could pass for Jay-z’s sister! Im diggin the track!

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