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Kick Out The Chairs

One of my favorite things about putting on this party is when I find out about a new artist, post up their music here on the site and write something like, “these guys would be great at a Mixtape Riot! Party”, and then 2 months later it happens!  Fredericks Brown caught my ear with their afro-beat infused soul banger “Betrayal” a little while back and tonight I get to hear them do it live. You can too if you come out! In case you still need convincing, check a bit of footage from last month’s jumpoff. And as a musical offering, a couple tracks from this funky producer that I’m just finding out about way late- MUNK. And yeah, he would be great to have at a MTR party…

Munk :       Kick Out The Chairs
taken from the album Aperitivo on Gomma (2005)

Munk:       Down In LA (Shazam Remix)
taken from the single

  • Chuck Wild

    sorry, our links are buggin out right now. Should have this fixed soon…

  • DJ Mixtapes

    Do you have any actual “Mixtapes” to download, looks like all singles to me

  • Chuck Wild

    check out the “MIXTRY” tab for mixes. More coming soon…

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