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Let the Music Be Your Guide: Comps from Romps Around the Globe

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boogaloo psych-funk-101-a-global-psychedelic-funk-curriculum

Brazil to Benin. Korea to Nuyorica. Come along for the ride.

Pete Dunaway:       Supermarket

Gnonnas Pedro et ses Dadje:       Dadje Von O Von Non

Willie Rosario:       Calypso Blues

Kim Sun:       The Man Who Must Leave

  • jay.soul

    thanks man – esp liking Willie Rosario and Gnonnas Pedro. Benin funk baby. Dopeness

  • Chuck Wild

    that Willie Rosario was re-worked by funky producer-extraordinaire U-Tern on his track “Back To Trinidad”

  • Blighty

    Loving the Pete Dunaway. What a track.

  • Blighty

    Looks like I need that Psych Funk 101 comp too. Sheesh!

  • Adam

    Hey Cap’n,

    Nice site, and great selections as usual! Huge fan of this blog, as I was of Captain’s Crate.

    Thanks especially for the track from Benin.



  • Gregg

    I think the P Dunaway track was re-worked by Mario Caldato on Seu Jorge’s first album… “Funk Baby”

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