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Highly Un-holy Holiday Bash


This one you really don’t want to miss! And I’m not just saying that. FREE GIVEAWAYS from our homie’s rad clothing company run called DEATH/TRAITORS. Happy Hour 10-11, NO COVER, live show that will certainly be unruly, and yes POLE DANCERS! I’ve talked about Ninjasonik a few times on here, broke my nose in the pit at one of their SXSW shows, and I heartily support what they do. My other friend DJ Morsy (who did a remix for my Gettin Jacked song and has done a BUNCH of other dope production) will also be performing with his group Claire Hux. You should be there! Just sayin

And here’s some songs that will be played for those of you reading this all the way in Norway…

Quintino :       Parapapa

Ninjasonik :       Pregnant (Morsy Mix)

Death From Above 1979 :       Romantic Rights (Erol Akan's Love From Below Re-Edit)

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