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Felicitaciones de Paraiso

Been on hiatus for a damn good reason. Young brother Murphy and I are living it up in paradise. The picture above was taken yesterday in Semuc Champey, Guatemala. I honestly don’t think I could picture a more perfect place (even after seeing AVATAR– which any self respecting person should view while under the influence of psilocybin). We’re back in lake Atitlan now after exploring some caves, jumping off enormous waterfalls, and climbing a 10,000ft. volcano. The rest of the trip I plan on doing as little as possible while listening to this stack of bootleg CDs I picked up at the mercado. If I get up the gusto, I may try to post a best of 2009, but then again I may be preoccupied playing futbol with local heads at the little field in town. Todays picks come from an ambiguously labeled CD which gives no artist credits and improperly lists some song titles, so if anyone out there can help identify these cumbias it would be much appreciated. There’s supposed to be a 3-day rave on a nearby volcano starting tomorrow, so if I don’t post before 2010, enjoy yourselves!

Unknown Artist :       Cumbia

Unkown Artist #2 :       Cumbia Arabe

Luz Roja de San Marcos :       El Gallo Mojado

  • Mogpaws

    Now those are some nice bits of cumbia, good sir. I couldn’t begin to help you with the naming situation, but now I’ll be on the hunt also.

  • Cheech

    those are some get up in down side to side cumbias baby

  • busquelo

    gallo mojado is bangin!

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