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Reeeeeemix Time

Back in NYC, back to work. Hittin the new year at full speed, with a fresh sunbaked gusto, thanks to Guatemala. I’ve locked myself up in the studio this week with my Beatards buddies. We finished up a couple remixes and now we’re blitzing through a bunch of songs for our upcoming album. In all honesty, I’m not even listening to much other music right now, but since I care for the well-being of this blog and love sharing- here are some new (to me at least) remixes that I will be playing a lot as soon as I take my next break. In the meanwhile, I’m enjoying them vicariously through you. And peep the related links to download more remix/re-edit heat from these producers.

Also, the video above featuring touch-screen turntables comes courtesy of this site. Random but cool.

Willie Colon & Hector Lavoe :       La Banda (Whiskey Barons Edit)
peep the Flavorheard site for more goods from these guys

Bobby Reed :       Time Is Right For Love (Prince of Ballard Remix)
jacked from Soul-Sides.com, but you can see more from the Prince at his Armed Snobbery blog

Hollyweerd :       Weerdo (Astronote Rmx)
more from Astronote on his myspace

Jadan Blackkamoore :       The General (Ticklah Remix)
my man Victor aka Ticklah back with more reggae FIYA!

Patti Jo :       Make Me Believe In You (Loud Minority Edit)
how do you make a perfect song better? MORE COWBELL! Respect to the Loud Minority DJs from Vienna

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