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SXSW is a rap

Haven’t had a chance to post anything because I’ve been caught up entirely in the madness of SXSW in Austin, TX all week. We played 5 shows in as many days (my count might be a little off since we also jumped up on stage with other bands a bunch too). If you’ve never experienced this particular music festival, it’s hard to explain just how overwhelming it is to be in a small city with literally thousands of bands all playing simultaneously, clashing guitars competing for ear time every ten steps. I saw so many artists perform in such a small time period, the highlights reel alone could constitute a month’s worth of blog posts (Estelle, Dam Funk, Chico Mann, The Force, Major Lazer, The Very Best, Ninjasonik, DJ Craze, Shinobi Ninja, Juiceboxxx…). I won’t even try to cover it all, instead I wanted to leave you with a tiny taste from a fellow Brooklynite band who played on a late sunny afternoon to a crowd of about 20 people including me. I did a handful of interviews with The Beatards as well, met some amazing folks (whattup Scoop Deville, Rad Girls, The Pink Pony hahaa!), and got into just enough trouble (one black eye in the band ain’t bad). Peep the freestyle we did for PBS, more to come soon…

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