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Just a couple great songs for you today. Before I went through all the promo CD’s I got at SXSW, I realized I had never even listened to half of the one’s I got there last year. I get tons of promos every week and it’s pretty easy for songs to slip through the cracks and be forgotten, or for entire stacks of CD’s to remain untouched for a year. But now that I’m unemployed- which brings particular poignancy to today’s first song (from a promo CD)- I actually do have more time to listen to music. And while most of the promo’s I get are total garbage, I still keep listening to find unknown gems like today’s second song from Ellie Holland. I guess I should have listened to her promo a while ago because her myspace page has since gone defunct and I can’t find any traces of her on google. I hope this means she’s just changed her performing name and not that she’s given up singing. If you’re not familiar with Aloe Blacc, get acquainted, he’s a little easier to track down.

Aloe Blacc :       I Need A Dollar

Ellie Holland :       Guilty Man

  • koenski

    I googled her too and found quite a lot on her actually,pics,bio,video,tracks etc.

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