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Nigeria What?

The most titillating aspect of listening to (or producing) a remix, has to be imagining the original artist coming in contact with the remixer. Even on the most digital and choppy sounding musical collages I try to imagine the artists jamming in a basement together, or playing for quarters with a makeshift soundsystem powered by a car battery on the subway platform. Often separated by oceans, decades, languages and rhythms, a good remix inspires me with the vision of all those barriers disappearing. I was happy to hear from a regular reader in Brazil  (DJ Mulher) who similarly loved the Aloe Blacc song I posted last week and sent me this very club-worthy rendition she made with her DJ/remix crew called Pristine Blusters (Caribbean Sea skipped in a single bound!). Sabo, G.R.C. and Kraak & Smaak are all homies who I feel proud to know. Debruit is new to me, but after hearing his latest EP (songs I would classify as grade-A Gumbo Funk) I can tell we would get along nicely. I think I met one of the cats from Dub Traffik Control once, but even if not, this record is put out by my favorite Bastard, so it feels like family. Now, uprocking alone in my apartment while listening to these tracks, my titties undulate, thus, titillation complete. Go pay for some music by these folks to help them quit their dayjobs.

Debruit :       Nigeria What?

Sabo :       Soundbwoy Cumbia

Aloe Blacc :       I Need a Dollar (Pristine Blusters & DJ Mulher Remix)

Dub Traffik Control :       Bongo Dub

Greenwood Rhythm Coalition :       Oye Dub

Zuco 103 :       Back Home (Kraak & Smaak Remix)

  • Ulmox

    If you like Debruit you have to check out his the exellent “Im going with you” with Sa-Ras Oomas Keith on vocals. Future soul if there ever was any.

    Peace and thanks 4 keeping things FREEESSSSHHH!

  • Poncho

    Soundbwoy Cumbia? noooop…is tha Killa Candy!!!


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