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Nas Likes MTR & We Like Nas

It looks like Nas might be reading this blog. Way back when it was still called “Captain’s Crate” I posted this bootleg 12″ remix of a Mulatu Astatke song called “Yegelle Tezeta”. I was playing that remix out a lot- perfect slow builder which delivers with a HUGE drum break after 4 1/2 minutes. Next up, young Murphy posts the brand new Gil Scott-Heron single as soon as it’s dropped and gives it proper shine. Then what should happen? Nas & Damian Marley team up (someone in heaven was listening to people’s prayers) and drop the first single from their new album Distant Relatives. What’s this? A rework of that same Mulatu record. Genius. But am I really to believe that it’s merely coincidence that then he hops on the new Gil single too? Just by chance? Maybe, but maaaaaybe not. If you’re Nas and you’re reading this, give a shout in the comments! And for the rest of you, enjoy this remix I cranked out yesterday, adding drums and a little dirty synth to make this epic collabo track a little more playable when DJ-ing.

Last note: I’m throwing this big party with my boy DJ Enrock tomorrow (Fri) night in downtown BK, come through! Details here

Gil Scott-Heron & Nas :       New York Is Killing Me (Chuck Wild Remix)

Damian Marley & Nas :       As We Enter

Nephews Of Phela :       Mulah 2