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Styles Upon Styles…

Feels like a lot of hard work is starting to pay off, although I’m still not getting PAID. All good though, today a track I produced for my homegirl Jasmine Solano is the FEATURED MP3 of the DAY over at a little site called Myspace.com!!! Yup, no lie. And tomorrow it’s going up on the very reputable RCRDLBL.com blog as feature of the day as well. All props due to this NYC badass- she’s a sick DJ, Rapper, Freestyler, Radio Personality and a fellow veggie head (yeah, we have lengthy conversations about which meat substitutes are better).

In other news, remember how I mentioned being excited about the possibility of doing a remix of that DJ Center track a little while back? Well it happened. I stepped back into my Captain Planet suit and busted out a funky, Brazilified, take on his track which will be coming out as a 7″ on Bastard Jazz within the month. I’m giving you a somewhat low quality MP3 version in the hopes that you’ll support and purchase the high quality download or 7″ when they’re available (I’ll let you know).

Finally, while the debut full-length album I finished with The Beatards is being shopped around, stalling the expected Summer release, we’re going to be pumping out a steady stream of tunes and dropping a mixtape very soon. With NYC temperatures finally reaching into the high 80’s, I figured it was appropriate to start with a remix of what very well might be THE reggae tune of the season. We dont want anyone to get the idea that we’re sleeping. On the contrary, it’s music all day everyday. More coming soon…

Jasmine Solano :       Poetic Justice (produced by yours truly)

DJ Center :       Center's Groove (Captain Planet Remix)

Gyptian :       Hold Yuh (Beatards Remix)

  • alphabear

    Hey the beatards remix is SICK!! Is there anywhere I can download it? cash?

  • Chuck Wild

    Alphabear, all the music can be downloaded. Just RIGHT-CLICK (or CNTRL-CLICK on the song name and hit “save file”). Save your money for when our full album is available! haha

  • alphabear

    Cheers bro, bit new to this. Defo check out the album man. Sick shit!

  • Regend

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