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Memorial Day Mixtry

Hopefully you’re reading this before heading out to whatever sunsoaked BBQ awaits the rest of your day. If so, let these mixes provide the soundtrack while the shish kebabs sizzle. Berlin’s DJ Zhao has put together a whole series of mellow globetrotting mixes that sound around 98 degrees F, if not hotter. As you can see from the cover, he really fits in a lot of different styles here, but the consistency comes from the slow hip swaying all these songs induce. To get the full tracklist and more mixes from Zhao, check his website.

As the sun sets and things start winding down, I can’t think of a better accompaniment to packing up the beer cans and paper plates then this new imaginary soundtrack recently put together by DJ / rapper / producer / designer – Cool Calm Pete. Among other notable accomplishments, this dude just designed the superfly new labels for my man DJO‘s unfukwitable gourmet kimchi products. On “Over You”, he pulls out a plethora of dusty breaks, serious soulful crooning, and enough cool trippy shit to satisfy any listener coming down off shrooms. Check this site for more info.

DJ Zhao :       Ngoma 5 (or click here to download the mix separated into tracks)

Cool Calm Pete :       Over You (soundtrack to a make believe film)

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