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Summer Slow Down

It’s independence weekend and, appropriately enough, a mega heatwave is quickly approaching NYC. I’ve been getting stupid amounts of new music in the past few weeks, but I feel most compelled to share these downtempo Jamaica-fied songs- help people take it easy while posting up in front of the fan all weekend.

Tupolev Soundcrash :       Chase The Cumbia Devil
(nice cumbia remix of a Max Romeo classic)

Fat Freddy’s Drop :       The Raft (7-inch Radio Edit)
some of the finest Kiwi’s in the game

Sean Bones :       Death Can Jam
hurray for whiteboy reggae! Taken from the soundtrack to a dope movie that my friend made CHECK IT OUT

Little Stevie Wonder & Jay “Dusty” Smith :       Uptight
Michael Jackson & Olly Buck :       Never Can Say Goodbye (R.I.P. MJ!!!)
both taken from the compilation Motown Flies Jamaica

The Beatards :       Get Lite (Reggae Remix)
from our brand new summer mixtape F#¢K A LABEL (download it here)

  • j. crayon

    slight correction: “chase the devil” is by max romeo, not junior murvin.

    pretty sweet remix, regardless.

  • Chuck Wild

    Oh schnap! You’re right. Totally slipped on that one. Correction noted.

  • Jo/No

    Ah, nice summer tunes indeed! Thank you!

    Btw. I been keeping listening immensily on your fundraising Haiti comp and even took the time out to write a post on the subject over at my blog, Jo/No’s Audio Delights. Check it out along with another groovy number by Les Shleu Shleu:


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