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F#CK A LABEL! – Summer Mixtape

So here’s the completed project I’ve been working on a bunch over the past month with my Beatards crew. We’re not angry people, anyone who knows us will agree, but what limited dealings we’ve had with record label A&R’s has been highly frustrating & discouraging. If you read the blog regularly, you know I quit my dayjob a while back and am just living off my music now (which basically has turned me to dumpster diving for meals), but damn do I look forward to the day when I can actually be comfortable doing this- with or without help from a label. Until then, I’m gonna keep cranking out music and doing what I love because I can’t really do anything else. Also, here’s a little video we just made for our friend Fiona Bloom which may give you a glimpse at our creative process.

The Beatards : F#¢K A LABEL (zip file contains separated tracks and artwork)