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Perfect Mathmatics

Mark Ronson knows how to add things up correctly. MNDR + Q-Tip + 80’s Synths + 70’s Drum Break + nonsensical French lyricism = “Bang Bang Bang”. A summer smash that has me really excited about the rest of his upcoming album Record Collection. Will the man ever smile? Probably not. But as long as he continues to focus on equations like these, I don’t have a problem with his stiff upper lip. I met MNDR in Austin during SXSW (I had an earplug stuck in my right ear so I was a little akward), but I know we’re gonna hear big things from her soon. The tracks below come from her four song E.P.E. released last year. She puts on a good show too.

MNDR :       Fade to Black &       I Go Away

Mark Ronson ft. MNDR & Q-Tip :       Bang Bang Bang

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