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Two Heavy

A loooong way back I saw a concert put together by Giant Step that featured a band called HEAVy. Vocoder-laden, 80’s synth funk done well is something I’m fond of, thus I became a fan. Thing is, I never had any of their albums and ended up almost forgetting about them. Then a recent raid of my friend Ant’s music collection left me with their entire discography. God bless file sharing. I also acquired about 4 gigs of other high quality material which will no doubt filter it’s way onto this site over the next few months. Funny thing happened though, when I was google-ing the band to find out info about them… I came across an entirely different band called The Heavy, who are actually pretty nice with it too. More in the late 60’s – early 70’s retro-vein, but equally funky, I quickly got my paws on their musical catalogue as well. I recognized their song “How You Like Me Now” from both a car commercial AND from the OG Dyke & The Blazers tune which they sample heavily from – not hating on either front. So here’s two heavy’s for you.

HEAVy :       Longtime ,       Mylittlesong , &       Wonderlove (Jazzanova Remix)
taken from Jazz Money$$ (2007)

The Heavy :       How You Like Me Now &       Cause For Alarm
taken from The House That Dirt Built (2009)

The Heavy :       Coleen ,       Girl , &       Brukpocket's Lament
taken from Great Vengeance & Furious Fire (2007)

  • Monica

    Saw The Heavy open for Sharon Jones &the Dap-Kings a few months ago and they were great. Bought the “Great Vengeance” vinyl LP at the show.

  • tim

    saw the heavy at mercury lounge a while back; BIG, BIG sound. they put on a good show

  • Dangerscouse

    Been into the Heavy for a few years now, their sound has just got better with the second album, Fantastic band who really deserve to go places

  • ben

    baaaad tunes ! viva both Heavys

  • Heavy D

    Check out when the Heavy played on Letterman. He made them play again.

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