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Nothin Wrong With A Lil Cowbell

Between travelling out of town, getting ready to move (more on that soon) and fighting the worst viral bug I’ve dealt with since malaria in Cote D’Ivoire back in ’02, keeping up with the blog has been a little difficult. BUT, I refuse to let this place go dry for too long. This evening I leave you all with a few cowbell laden selections that have been in heavy rotation with me recently. The insanely bombastic Emynd remix made it’s way onto the Beers & Bikes Mix I made with DJ DRM, so you might recognize it from there (have you ever heard a more desperately soulful voice?!?). Not much time to type since I’m heading to a rooftop BBQ and then getting ready for my monthly party at Deity tonite (one of my last gigs before moving to LA!!!). Yeah… cat’s out the bag. But like I said, more on that later.

Omar :       It's So

UnkleJam :       Love Ya

Galactic Feat. Glenn David Andrews and the Rebirth Brass Band :
      You Don't Know (Emynd Bounce Remix)

  • Essentially Eclectic

    Hi all at Mixtape Riot
    I’m a very big fan of what you do here, please keep up the good work!
    I’ve linked to your site from my blog (http://essentiallyeclectic.wordpress.com/), I hope that’s ok? Feel free to do the same!

  • FRO

    Chuck –

    Been a fan of your blog for a minute. I used to live in LA (now in the Bay) let me know if you need any recommendations. I used to live in NYC as well and know it take a sec to adjust.

  • drewid

    “BUT, I refuse to let this place go dry for too long.”

    And we are glad to hear that. I’ve been a frequent visitor to Mixtape Riot and thought Captain’s Crates was MASSIVE!! Introduced me to hundreds of quality tracks I’d of never come across, and tracks I have then used in the odd DJ gig I get….two that always get a good reaction being Lagos Speedway and Buddhacada – Trik Turner…….infectious stuff.

    So cheers

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