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Dancefloor In My Mind

Feels like damn near eternity since I’ve had a DJ gig. Left Brooklyn with a slew of parties ending in mid August, and I’ve been fiending since. This Sunday night I’m finally getting back into the mix out here in LA. If you’re in the area, Murphy’s Law and I will be doing what we do at Mandrake in Culver City. I’m leaving you with a handful of funky synth goodness that has been helping me survive the drought by inspiring imaginary crowds to throb on the bollywood-style illuminated dancefloor in my mind.

Alan Wilkis :       Pink And Purple &       Snuggle Up To Nail Down

Junior Boys :       Hazel

Aldo Vanucci :       Knew You Were Coming

Knightlife :       Crusader

K’bonus :       Kletsmariet

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