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Music To Get You Out Of Bed

Saturday night I had a friend in town for her birthday. For some reason, I once again decided it might be a good idea to try every different type of liquor behind the bar- absinthe, gin, rum, tequila, vodka, bourbon… Somewhere towards the end of the night I had a cocktail with eggwhite in it, which really sealed the deal. Sunday morning I felt like this (see photo above- which I actually took at a Baltimore warehouse party that I performed at like a year ago, but it’s appropriate). As we’re reminded by old man Newton’s first law of physics, in times like that, it takes a tremendous external force of funkiness to move a body at rest. These songs provided me with just enough energy to make coffee and get an Excedrin, and for that I am thankful. Get your hands on the full releases in case you should come across an unruly morning like that yourself.

Pablo Sanchez & Watch TV :       Sunstar (Zeb Remix) &       Release Da Freak (Simbad Remix)
both releases and more from Mr. Sanchez available here

Dhundee :       ShoShot
get the full Bastard Jazz Hear No Evil Vol.2 compilation right here

Boohgaloo Zoo :       Testify (Soulphiction's Boogie Version)
from the ├é┬áLovemonk 12″ available here

  • dj sunshine

    I can move to this. Thanks. Good luck in LA. Come dj in Taiwan.

  • Dangerscouse

    I can defo move to these too….love those Pablo Sanchez & Watch TV tunes. Got the other two already, cheers

  • BOvF

    These r groovin lke a mo fo in full flo! B-) ThnX!

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