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I get so many music promos sent to me, it’s a dirty rotten shame how few I end up having time to properly listen to. When I come accross something truly great, totally out of my range of knowledge, I remember why I love keeping this site alive. I’m sure there’s a couple thousand other great songs amid my unread emails, but at a certain point I have to trust that the best tunes will rise to the top- or that my finger on the mouse will be magically guided to click on the right promo email as if guided by the forces of ouija. That’s how I found today’s picks, which as you can hear, are pretty varied. So are my tastes, and so is Mixtape Riot.

Amtrac :       Distant Heartbreak &       In Love
find more from him here

Return To Mono :       Framebreaker ,       Song Of The Beast & Seeker Circuit
find more from them here

Noisettes : Saturday Night
these guys have a site here

Fool’s Gold : Nadine (Memory Tapes Remix)
to be fair, I knew about these guys and have posted their music before, but this remix is nice

Bing Ji Ling : Sunshine Love (Ray Mang Remix)
this guy is part of The Phenomenal Handclap Band, nuff said

  • Dangerscouse

    I’m a fan of Bing anyway, but that’s a great remix. Pleasantly surprised by Return to Mono. Cheers buddy

  • KangaoOO

    Hey Chuck,
    Just wanted to say thanks for keeping the site going. Most of the sites I originally started following a few years back seem to only have random (if any) posts these days. From my original list its just you and that crazy fucker on Cocaine Blunts (It’s gold, specially the art work) . PS couldn’t you just group a post of tracks together and present them in one long stream so I can click play and refer back to follow up on lists and comments? Thinking blogs like yours still have room to evolve somehow from a format perspective-but I mean to take nothing away from your work. Much RESPECT.

  • Chuck Wild

    Hey KangaoOO, thanks for the shine. With the player I use on the site now, you should be able to just press play on the first song and it will continue to stream all the tracks on the homepage in a row. But, if you open up a new tab then that automatic play doesn’t happen, so if you wanna stream the songs while checkin other sites, just open MTR in a separate window and press play. Hope that helps.

  • KangaoOO

    Oh right, great works perfect thanks.

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