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Sofrito: Tropical Discoteque

The good people at Strut records have dropped another bomb on us. This is more than just another collection of rare records though, this is a living movement. The DJs who make up Sofrito (Hugo Mendez, Frankie Francis & The Mighty Crime Minister) have been throwing warehouse parties in East London and across Europe for 5 years. Unfortunately I haven’t been, but hearing this record makes me regret that deeply. For their first official compilation they’ve pulled 15 dancefloor scorchers, old and new, from Colombia to the Congo and beyond. Highlights on here include an exclusive new Quantic cumbia and a foot stomping re-edit of an old Victor Uwaifo song that enlists the help of producer Sinbad. I’m also sharing a Hatian Disco track (maybe Tabou Combo?) off one of their re-edit 12″ releases- exclusive dubplate mixes like these are a regular part of the party. And if all that wasn’t enough to make you a believer, check out the insanely stunning poster art for all their events, done by designer Lewis Heriz (take your time and scroll through this guys’ catalogue, you will thank me for it).

Victor Uwaifo      Ohue (Frankie Francis & Sinbad Edit)

Unknown       Tabou For The People (Sofrito edit ft. L. Barrabas)

and here’s the great mini-mix from Hugo Mendez to help tide you over til you can purchase the whole comp on Jan 18th

Sofrito Strut Mini Mix by Hugo Mendez and Frankie Francis

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