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Feel The Cold

Over the weekend I visited the Salton Sea and Salvation Mountain (that’s it above) in the middle of the desert. Chatting with Leonard, the 79 yr-old man who hand built the psychedelic mountain of latex & adobe, was followed by partying with a motley crew of nomads and drifters in the make-shift town of Slab City. Later that night, sleeping under the stars, we were hit by a freezing wind and sand storm. Basically, a fuckin awesome weekend! But yeah, that night was very cold. Today I was supposed to fly back to NYC for a show, but alas, the homeland is being bombarded by yet another snowstorm and all flights were cancelled. Hopefully I’ll make it there tomorrow, with a high temp somewhere in the teens to welcome me. In light of this winter cold front, today’s songs all sound chilly to me-enjoy the frostbite.

Adele :       Rolling In The Deep (Jamie xx Remix)
heard this on KCRW and it was love at first handclap

Plan B :       Prayin' (Breakage Remix)
sounding very reminiscent of  Burial, but I don’t mind

Jimmy Edgar :       Hot Raw Sex (Machinedrum Remix)
Machinedrum turned this song into a complete mindmelter

Tensnake :       Coma Cat
this one is actually a completely undisputable JACKING of this, but again, I don’t mind

Monyaka Band :       Street People (E's E Re-Dub)
the homies Names You Can Trust have a new site with more free funkiness for download

Roots Manuva & Wrongtom :       Dutty Rut
I know reggae normally feels tropical hot, but this whole album highlights the grimier (and colder) side of dub

  • Dangerscouse

    Lovin this post….more than usual. Heard that Jamie xx remix about a week ago, and forgot how good it was. Love the Plan B remix, Monyaka Band, Roots Manuva…….fuck it, they’re all ace!! Cheers!!

  • Dangerscouse

    By the way, I’m usually a massive fan of your posts, so don’t think it is a criticism, it was highlighting how good this post is…..

  • Chuck Wild

    Thanks dude, much appreciated.

  • Sebastion

    Sweeet!!! dude I went there last year in October, Leonard is the man! middle of nowhere, into the wild!!!!!

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