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That’s Not It Video (Directed by Va$htie) from Jasmine Solano.

I’ve always doubted that armageddon was due to hit in 2012 (sorry Nostradamus), but the way this year has kicked off for me, I’m beginning to change my tune. In times of stress and intense adversity, I turn to music for help. Listening helps change my mood, and making music is the best escape from reality I’ve ever found. So maybe as we approach the end of the Mayan calendar I’ll stay closer and closer to my keyboards.

Some of you will be familiar with my friend Jasmine Solano from her busy touring schedule (perhaps you’ve caught her live or DJ-ing in a city near you), or maybe from a track I posted here that we made together a while back. In any case, I definitely want to help her get some much deserved shine on MTVU. Check out her video and single and give it a vote so she can start being famous already! After that, proceed and listen to some other brand new hot shit that will help you focus on the progress of human artistic ingenuity- even in the face of the apocalypse.

And one last note… I know I’m not the man to do “best of’s“, BUT my old acquaintance with a penchant for all things psychedelic has put together another edition of his highly excellent “Splendid Moments” mixes. Go to PandemoniumJones.com to download 2010’s best trippy music.

Jasmine Solano :       That's Not It (produced by DJ Wonder)

Lykke Li :       Get Some (Beck Remix)
damn Beck, why you gotta be a Scientologist?!?

Yelle :       Safari Disco Club

Sensual Harassment :       Daddy Long Legs
get more free music from these guys HERE

Rafter :       No Fucking Around
get more free music from this guy HERE

  • finest creativity

    love va$htie!!!!!

    can’t wait to check out yelle at coachella this year!!!

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