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Gordon Voidwell – Ivy League Circus Remix

I’ve been pumping out music lately, but neglecting to share it. This is a problem I am about to fix. Along with the regular stream of cool music I’m always pulling from the ether and posting here, expect more exclusive remixes and originals in the next few…

Some of you may remember Gordon Voidwell. He did a Mixtape Riot! party in NYC with us back in Summer ’09. He’s cool as shit and is now getting written up in all the popular publications, set to blow the fuck up. His hipster-disco, synth-pop hit “Ivy League Circus” get’s a nitrous-oxide injection for the dancefloor by yours truly. Looking forward to more from this dude in the near future.

p.s.- you can download the track by pressing the little downward pointed arrow

Ivy League Circus (Chuck Wild Remix) by ChuckWild

  • Dangerscouse

    Impressed with this……80’s sounds with a modern day feel

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