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Biggie Day

Today is officially RIP Biggie day. Can’t believe he was killed when he was just 25. In honor of one of the best rappers to ever bless a mic, Shepdog’s classic Roots Manuva mashup came to mind. Since I was posting that, I figured why not share another nice Shepdog mash. And then, since I was on a mashup roll, I thought of another Biggie related remix done by our very own Murphy’s Law back when we were doing the Captain’s Crate blog.  I would’ve taken some time to put together a new one for you all, but unfortunately the power has been out all day on my block and I’m posting this from my friend’s couch. Maybe next year…

Shepdog:       Witness The Flava (In Your Ear) &       Bigger Than Jamrock

M.I.A.:       Paper Poppa (Murphy's Law Mashup)

  • drewid

    There should be a ‘Captains Crate’ day too….I recently got asked by the owner of the bar i do a night at to give a name so people know what music will be playing that night……Thursdays are now ‘Gumbo Funk’ night. Cheers dude….hope its not copyrighted or anything ;)

  • Chuck Wild

    haha nice! Definitely no copyright on that. glad to hear the gumbo funk is still spreading.

  • gateio

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