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One For Japan

I’ve been seeing a bunch of artists sell music to help the earthquake/tsunami relief, so I got inspired to do the same. I pulled out an old Japanese LP I’d been meaning to sample for a long time, and did just that. CHECK OUT THE SONG HERE and buy the download if you dig it. I’m asking for a minimum of $1 (all proceeds go to the Red Cross earthquake/tsunami relief effort). If you don’t dig it, find another excuse to donate anyway.

  • Mel

    Thanks for this track… and thanks for always taking music to have these large impacts. Wondering how I can post this on facebook [I just bought the track but I want to post it with the donation capabilities] – email me if you get a chance

  • Chuck Wild

    whattup Mel, thanks! For you and anyone else who wants to help spread the word, just click on “SHARE” in the embedded player and it will help you re-post it anywhere you want.

  • Dangerscouse

    Yep just bought it too, such a good cause, and a great tune as well Chuck. the boy done good….as usual

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