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Work All Day

I work all day. Sometimes all night too. It’s sunny (after a very rainy week). It’s Spring. Yesterday was my birthday. I have cool friends. Is there any other excuse needed to play some Jamaican oldies? I think not.

Barry Biggs :       Work All DayÂ
New discovery to me. What a bassline.

Rupie Edwards :       Ire Feelings (Leggo Skanga)
Loving the little chopped up guitar riff on this one.

Winston Groovy :       Funky Chicken
Groovy indeed.

The Skatalites :       Herb Man Dub
Jamaican chase scene music, replete with funky flautist.

Keith Hudson :       Melody Maker
I first got my hands on this track from a cassette tape I got on my first trip to Jamaica when I was 16. That same trip de-virginized me to strip clubs and brought about the brief kidnapping of my older sister. Oh the memories.

Tommy James & The Shondells :       Candy Maker
Obviously not Jamaican, but in addition to being the sample source for some of Kanye’s drums, this track provided the inspiration for the Keith Hudson cut posted above. Listen to the breakdown at the end- so funny how music travels like that…

  • POB

    Mr. Biggs!

    glad you posted this one. that record gets played many of sunday mornings in my household.

    for some reason, it also really reminds me of “Mary McCreary – Singing the Blues”


  • Chuck Wild

    WHOA! Thanks for the recommendation. That Mary McCreary tune is FIRE!

  • Dangerscouse

    You’ve outdone yourself this time Chucky boy…..everyone is a winner!! Fan-fuckin-tastic posting!!

    I’ve done a reggae mix recently that might float your boat…..nothing out of the ordinary just great skanking tunes…..


  • Graeme aka weeG

    Killer selection Mr Wild…keep them comin…..will be droppin some of these in my set tonight in Glasgow (Scotland)….big ups

  • Stack

    Always reliable. Over the past two years you have been a strong and reliable source of music for me. When I hear stuff I like, make an effort to drop a coin in the artist’s pocket if at all possible. Insperato!

    Many Thanks

  • Dangerscouse

    I’m with you there Stack….I’ve bought loads of stuff on the back of Mixtape Riot over the years

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