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Utopian Funk

Greetings from the land of neon dolphins and candy coated pirate ships! The dancefloors here are slicker than banana peels on waxed marble and somehow everyone knows how to moonwalk. The parties are plentiful, the soma is free, and clothing is highly discouraged. That’s where I’m at right now with this playlist.

Orgone : Cruel Intentions
LA retro-funk outfit killing it here as always, from the Killion Vaults album

Lyrics Bron ft. Sam Sparro : Coulda Woulda Shoulda (DJ Theory Re-Edit)
Theory basically made this track waaay more playable at the club by removing all rapping from Lyrics Born (sorry LB, it’s just true)

Midnight Lab Band : Moonwalking
My Brooklyn homies come correct as usual here with a sick sample from Wganda Kenya and a lil bit of MJ sneaking into the mix

The Kickdrums :       Somethings Gotta Give (Kutcorners Remix)
DJ Eleven‘s new 11-Inch label just keeps putting out HEAT. Go buy the other remixes from this EP plus everything else 11-Inch has to offer.

Kraak & Smaak :       Dynamite (Boogie Funk Version)
Yes, these dudes continually straddle that border between funk and cheese, but so do some of my favorites by Zapp & Roger

The Electric :       U R Diamonds
don’t know enough about these guys to tell you anything, someone school me

YACHT :       Dystopia
Why must there always be some dissent in Utopia? These guys just know how to make it sound really good.

Onra :       Lying Besides You
There’s no harsh “coming down” from Soma, but even if there were, this would surely cure it.

  • Maximus

    Nice tracks selection. The land of neon dolphin is a great place.

  • Dangerscouse

    Hey Chuck….just back from a week in India, which was mind-blowing! A total assault on the senses….noise, smell and sights are totally mad!!

    Anyways, lovin the posts, some belters in there. As for The Electric, it’s DJ Vadim’s new music project http://www.electricsoundcompany.com/ new album is worth a purchase….

    I’ve got a new mix too with an Electric remix in there…along with a couple of crackers that you gave me that bookend the mix…would love to know what you think….


    Dangerscouse- Heavy Stepper

    1.Tupolev Soundclash- Chase The Cumbia Devil (mp3)
    2.Palov & Mishkin- Well Stomach (Scribble)
    3.The Electric- Beautiful (Jazzy Wood Remix) (mp3)
    4.Godessa- Social Ills (Instrumental) (African Dope Records)
    5.Ini Kamoze- Here Comes The Hotstepper (Accapella) (Columbia)
    6.Average White Band- Schoolboy Crush (Harmless Recordings)
    7.Space Invadas- Done It Again (BBE / K7)
    8.DJ Format- Mr DJ (B-Boy Version) (Project Blue Book)
    9.Bole 2 Harlem- Bole 2 Harlem (Sounds of The Mushroom)
    10.Approach- Funk Reaction (Rondo Brothers Remix) (Coup D’Etat Entertainment)
    11.Stezo- To The Max (Traffic)
    12.Empresarios- Cumbia (Nickodemus Remix) (Fort Knox Recordings)
    13.Jugoe- In Memory Of (Bastard Jazz)
    14.Basement Freaks- Soul Men (Bombastic Jam)
    15. Beastie Boys- 3 The Hard Way (Accapella) (Capitol)
    16.Leftfield- Dusted (Hard Hands / Columbia)
    17.Tape Loops- Milk & Honey (Featurecast Remix) (Jalapeno)
    18.Adele- Rolling In The Deep (Jamie XX Remix) (XL)
    19.Radiohead- Reckoner (Leftside Wobble Off World Excursion) (mp3)

  • duba

    the electric is a new project of dj vadim,former ninja tune artist

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