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Paraty Remix

“Paraty” has been in steady rotation this Summer (can a song get any smoother? I think even Joao Gilberto would say it’s not possible) and since I’ve actually been bumping into Mia around LA, I decided to make a remix for her. She likes it, so now I’m sharing it with you. Big shouts to the homie Jeremy Sole for premiering last night on his mind-altering radio show on KCRW. Download link is the little downward facing arrow on the right for those still not familiar with soundcloud. More remixes coming at you soon…

Paraty (Captain Planet Remix) by DJ Captain Planet

  • Dangerscouse

    Good job Chuck, love the beat to this

  • Stack

    This is great. Funky and smooth. This will get the people warmed up and they won’t even know why.

  • steve

    Shit is very tight man. A nice mix of styles but I’d expect nothing less from the Cap’n.

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