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Praise To The Most High

Happy as a dog with a stick. Maybe happier. I’ve got a million and five things to be thankful for, but more than anything right now, I’m giving praises to the most high for helping my youngest brother make it safe and sound through an 8-hour surgery yesterday. Today’s songs don’t really have anything to do with the worrying, or good health, or giving thanks per say, but sometimes joyful distraction is just what the doctor ordered. I realize there’s a bit of a clinical flavor to the funk today, maybe that’s the connection (I’ve been spending a fair amount of time in a hospital this past week, which might explain it).

Benny Sings :       Big Brown Eyes &       One II
from this album. Shouts to Marlee (& indirectly Radio Nova) for hipping me to this smoothed out electro soul

Carte Blanche :       With You (ft. Alexis Taylor)
mellow blue-eyed soul crooning from Hot Chip vocalist has kept this simple bouncey electro house jammer in steady rotation lately

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs :       Trouble &       Dream On
more funky white-boy electro house. I’m not sure if any of these tracks would really go over too well on a dancefloor (unless perhaps you’re playing the 3-5am shift at a Bushwick warehouse party), but “Trouble” in particular is hitting a sweet spot for me.

DJ Self Help :       Cape Cassandra
Straight outta Columbus Ohio, DJ Self Help comes supremely correct on this blend of afro-tropical-bass and white-boy-electro-house. I’ve been meaning to post this joint for a minute but finally found the playlist to fit with it.

New Navy :       Zimbabwe
Afro-pop meets indy rock and they fall in love on this song. I don’t think a holiday in Zimbabwe would actually be as rewarding as the lyrics by New Navy suggest, considering Mugabe is still president, but don’t let that get in your way from appreciating the nice drum break down.

Jamie Woon :       Lady Luck
while some of this guy’s singing leans a bit on the cheesy side, this track (which I believe he also produced) falls right in the pocket.

Alan Wilkis :       Come & Go (ft. The KickDrums)
really glad to hear this hard-hitting collabo off Wilkis‘ upcoming album “Prints”. The grimey dubstep styles on here are a pretty big departure from both Wilkis & The KickDrums more 80’s funk styled earlier tracks, but I’m liking the new direction. Check here for the whole EP with remixes from RJD2 & Big Pooh among others

DJ Shadow :       Scale It Back (ft. Little Dragon)
I can’t whole-heartedly recommend Shadow‘s new album in it’s entirety (sorry dude, the hard rock shit ain’t for me), but this unexpected collabo is a total standout on there.

Gotye :       Puzzle With A Piece Missing
excellent dubby sounds from an earlier album by this man who’s catalogue I’m just now discovering.

  • Dangerscouse

    Great news about your bro Chuck. Some great selections again. Got all of the Benny Sings albums, so I totally agree with that, and i’m just realising how good Gotye is too.

    Personally Shadow has always been mainly a miss for me, not sure why but he just doesn’t hit the spot, but any collab with Little Dragon is going to be ace.

  • Witteman

    hi there,

    This is the first time I visited your blog, and I think it’s very nice. I’ll definitely check it out on a regular basis from now on.

    Cheers from the Netherlands!

  • Beck

    Just wanted to give thanks for your excellent selection (esp. Benny Sings), and the good news about your bro. Been a fan of the blog since the Captain’s Crate days. Keep up the good work!

  • Koenski

    yo Chuckie!,
    Wat the fuck did you get yurself into?.
    8 Hr. surgery?!:
    Hope ya didn’t go for the “Face / Off” treatment,haha.
    Seriously, I wish you a fast recovery and may this time show you, you DO have a bunch of real frinds that support you now by just being there.
    I is well sure of that though, with your laidback social character.
    Anyways, thanks for treating all of us outthere in 2011, on gems and lots of cool ‘n hot earcandy via “Mixtape Riot”!!!.
    Hang in there, greetings from across da big pond, Europe, Holland(A*dam yunnow?!), Koen, from the awesomely cool daily fresh blog;
    “Been there-Done that-Seen it-Heard it-Felt it-Touched it-Smelled it”.
    I’ll follow up da progress of the humanoid Beatrd via your Facebook-channel.

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