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Back on the road again (thus the lag in posting). The pic above comes courtesy of my new homie DJ SUN who kinda runs all things funky in Houston, TX. I had a whirlwind stay with the man where we managed 4 dj gigs in 3 days, got busy in the studio on a new track, and played lots of funk 45’s. Oh yeah, and then there was that $600 bottle of wine that we drank… Big shouts to The ARE, Krystal Hardwick and all the other cool people I met and chilled with in H-Town.

Then I stopped in NOLA for an action packed reunion with my Beatards brothers. Much more drinking, eating of amazing food, dancing to live music, and general tomfoolery ensued- as well as some very fruitful record digging (which you’ll hear more about soon). But for now, while I’m stranded in the Philly airport on a delayed layover, some tunes! Good ones at that. Props to another new friend of mine, DJ THC, for a bunch of today’s selections.

Munk :       Tipsy? &       Violent Love
taken from this recent album which I highly recommend. Tripped out funky mid-tempo disco with bouncy vocal melodies that have a tendency to stay with me long after the song is over (check “Kitchen Call” for a prime example).

Midnight Magic :       Beam Me Up &       What The Eyes Can't See
irresistible from the first conga slap. This disco group from BK stands out with powerful vocals and a hilarious sense of humor

Hypnolove :       Holiday Reverie
perfect song title for my week. Really a sucker for the percussion and afro-pop style guitar intro on this one. Check out their Holiday Reverie EP

Penguin Prison :       Don't Fuck With My Money
the man makes perfect sense, and does it over a synth groove that would leave Prince drooling. I think we all can relate.

Jessica 6 :       East West Funk
just saw them open for Holy Ghost in NOLA this past weekend and was very pleasantly surprised when I realized I was seeing members of Hercules & Love Affair on stage without even realizing it. More here.

WhoMadeWho :       The Plot (Discodein Remix) ,       Motown Bizarre , &       Small Town City
Found out about this group by the old tried-and-true-over-the-shoulder-dj-trainspotting technique I’ve been working to master for 10 years.  “Motown Bizarre” has just the right amount of fucked-uppedness.

Gregory Porter :       1960 What? (Opolopo Bass & Kick Rerub)
So happy to share this new soul jazz gem. The OG version didn’t need much tweaking (already such a winner), but I really respect the subtle touches that Opolopo added to make this one just that much more devastating.

  • Anne

    As always, a very beast mix. Penguin Prison & Munk are on the official Brack Flyday playlist. Gracias!

  • dj sunshine

    I like these. Come play in Taiwan.

  • Chuck Wild

    Thanks! Sunshine- you get me the gig and I’ll be there! Peace, C

  • Exxxplosivo


    Thanks for the shout-out! Brack Friday coming in hot, haha! See you at the Alvarado House soon Chuck B. Wilde

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