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Katy On A Mission Remix

Roots Rock Reeeeeeemix! This one’s for all my reggae lovers out there, and for people who are feelin Katy B (I can’t front, I’m including myself in that later category as well). Once again I was hoping this would go official, but who needs a label to put out your music when you’ve got the magical connectivity of the interweb! Get yourself a subwoofer and turn up the volume on this one for maximum effect. And don’t be stingy, share with friends since this is the season for giving. Big shouts to Anthony & Dave from The Lions for blessing the track with horns!

Katy On A Mission (Captain Planet Remix) by DJ Captain Planet

  • POB

    how they gonna pass this one up? seriously.

  • MEL

    LOVING THIS C… wasn’t feeling our girl til this… nice!

  • Guy


  • Dangerscouse

    The more I hear this the more I like it. It can’t be bad when you can call on the Lions members to help out with a remix too….

  • Rikke

    She’s so nice. I saw her at Roskilde Festival in Denmark last summer. It was so epic

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