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It’s A Love Thing

After 11 flights, 10 trains, 12 DJ sets & 3 radio interviews in 11 different cities… I’m finally back in the states! The glorious feeling of sleeping in my own bed was trumped only by cooking my own meal for the first time in more than 30 days. I couldn’t have asked for a better ending to the tour- playing records to a packed crowd in a beautiful pre-war theater in Hannover, Germany with the Agogo Records crew. Huge thanks to them and to everyone else who I met and hung out with along the way.

Back in LA for no more than 2 days and now I’m already moving again. Last night I played in San Francisco with my funky homies Afrolicious and later today I’m heading up to sunny Napa Valley to DJ and be a part of the wedding festivities for one of my best friends in the world- the man who DESIGNED this site (as well as the old Via/Captain’s Crate site before this)- IXLEY. Thus the abundance of love in the air today. Soak it up!

Lee McDonald :       I'll Do Anything For You (Patchworks Remix)

The Popular People’s Front :       I Love Only You (Trussel Re-Edit)

Suzy Q :       I Can't Give You More shoutout to Bethan for this gem, new #1 on my vinyl wants list…

Rufus ft. Chaka Khan :       Do You Love What You Feel

The Whispers :       It's A Love Thing

Sylvia Striplin :       Give Me Your Love

Ram :       Love Is The Answer

The Masquaraders :       Do You Love Me Baby

Charles Bradley :       I Believe In Your Love

Solomon Burke :       If You Need Me

  • Citizen Z

    dude, you’re such rockstar status ;) Loved your set at Afrolicious! Bless up~

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