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Mixtape Riot Radio: Episode #002

Time to start soaking it up. Find a pool, a grill, a cold beer, a rooftop and of course a little crew of friends, and spend a Summer day the right way. This sun-soaked latest installment for BrooklynRadio.com should also help you complete the picture. If you’re in the LA area, then come through to this party I’m throwing on Saturday night to help get things started off on the good-foot.

Also, as I mention in the podcast, my Chico Mann Remix is now available as a free download, so treat your playlist to an early Chanukah present.


For full tracklist, MP3 download & show description, peep the page on BK radio.
  • Bennie

    Love the mix, Captain. Perfect for the sultry evening here in London!

  • timbrosnan

    Great mix. Thanks!!

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