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So excited to drop this one on you! Remember how I mentioned a while back the possibility of doing an actual CASSETTE TAPE?!? Well it is indeed becoming a reality with help from my homies at Bastard Jazz, and today you get a free taste of what’s to come. Mid-September I’ll be releasing MYSTERY TRIP Vol. 1, a limited edition cassette tape featuring edits and remixes of obscure cuts from around the world. Purchasing a tape will get you a free download of all the music, but otherwise, this is the only track that’s going to be digitally released. What’s this I hear? You’re a poor wretched soul who has forsaken your history, become a slave to your ipod, and no longer has a cassette player?!? Don’t fret, you could be one of the lucky ducks who wind up getting your hands on the ├╝ber limited-edition hand-painted walkmen that we’re going to make available as well! Get ready to pre-order cause these puppies will be gone quick. For now, enjoy Bokazo and stay tuned…

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