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Live at Wurstkuche 12.14.2012

Very eclectic (somewhat all over the place) 60 minute mix I recorded live on a recent Friday night in downtown LA. I was DJ-ing at Wurstkuche, which provides some serious grub, even if you’re a vegetarian like myself. Brew selection is no joke either. Some disco, some house, and plenty of funky shit that falls between the cracks.  For those of you in the Angeleno region, come through tomorrow to The Virgil where I’ll be playing similarly eclectic ass-propelling music all night.

Live at Worstkuche 12.14.2012 by Charlie B Wilder on Mixcloud

  • Helen

    Good Stuff!

  • Carlos

    Really would of been there if you would of announced. Great blog.
    Announce the DJ events!


  • Chuck Wild

    Hey Carlos, all good. There’s not really an easy way for me to promote all my dj gigs on this site, but if you’re in the LA area and lookin for good parties, friend me on facebook and it’s easy to keep you updated from there:

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