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L.A.C. – Prime Minister Remix

This one should make all the Afrobeat heads happy- brand new Captain Planet remix I produced for the 10-piece London Afrobeat Collective. The original was a politically charged, continuously building, raw groove that kept very true to the Fela Kuti style. I remixed it with a little more focus on the modern dancefloor, giving it a little additional bass impact and electronic crispiness. The download isn’t available until Nov. 25th, but you can pre-order the whole EP now on the group’s bandcamp page so you get first dibs when it drops. Big shouts to Okayafrica.com for premiering and giving the EP some shine!

  • Dangerscouse

    Works every time for me…getting back into African music again. Not sure why, but I lost a bit of interest in it for a while then that Mop Mop album got my back right on it

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