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Just wanted to share a couple recent productions I was involved with that may have slipped past your radar. First up is a remix I did for the insanely talented, and cool-as-f#ck, Alsarah. I first heard her voice on her collaboration with Debruit. Then I discovered her timeless retro-Sudanese masterpiece “Silt” which recently came out on Wonderwheel Records (and is even available on cassette!!!). I’ve played the hell out of this album and do not get tired of it at all- there’s not a single track you want to skip. So I reached out to this awesome gal and had the extreme fortune of getting her to feature on my latest album. Then when Aaron (who manages Wonderwheel) was collecting remixes for Silt, I jumped at the opportunity. I took it in a more contemporary Middle Eastern dance-pop-casio-crazy direction (a la Omar Souleyman). I think it works.

Next up is a collabo track that I co-produced with the up-n-coming WE CHIEF out of Brooklyn. We passed the beat back and forth a few times and eventually ended up getting vocals from the legendary Ragga Twins out of the UK (whose ‘Rinsing Lyrics’ album I used to listen to on cassette tape circa ’99). I also managed to enlist the talents of my old family friend Bill Ratner for some hilarious voice over intro bizniz. The outcome is a tribal moombah electro dancehall ting. Remixes of this tune are in the works, but for now, grab the OG as a free download!

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