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El Coco Remix


Got another new one for you! Download is as free as the wind (for all my broke-ass Deejays out there).  I made this remix for a great new compilation of sounds from South America and beyond. You can check out the full comp Frenete Bolivarista right here. Funny thing is, they messed up the TITLE of the song and then it premiered on the THUMP Brazil music blog with the incorrect title. Ayyy chi! I want to apologize to the group Los Folkloristas, but then again, this is a bootleg remix after all, and things like this do get lost in translation sometimes when files are bouncing between continents. Once again, this is some bass-heavy latin roots designed to kick up dust on a dancefloor near you.

Please feel free to download the correctly titled MP3 right here, then bump loudly!

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