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Diamond In The Rough

Brand new tune for you all! I’ve been collaborating with my dear friend Brit Manor (aka Brit Laurén) for many years now- she’s been on several Captain Planet tunes you may remember, and even before that we shared the stage together as youngbloods in NYC. “Diamond In The Rough” is the first single from her upcoming mini-album (produced by yours truly) which will come out on Bastard Jazz Records later this year. The beautiful cosmic video comes courtesy of Araeia Robinson (who did “In The Gray” as well). Reggae vibes meet moody electronic soul in this song about transformation and self-realization. As Brit says, “Young women are more than just pretty things; we are electric, mystical, fallen stars, and buried treasures – we are diamonds in the rough.” If you are feeling it please help spread the word and support. Also, shout out to Afropunk.com for the great premier!

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