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Wowowowow. Ok, that may officially be the longest I’ve gone without blogging since I started Captain’s Crate way back in 2005!!! Apologies, but life happens. And it’s been happening in a very major way. I got married in Mexico and it was mind blowingly fun. Still overwhelmed by the love from so many family and friends all being in one place, celebrating with me and my girl (my wife!). Now I’m kind of getting back into the swing of things, but not really, because the 2 of us head to Asia for 3 months starting in October. I will be able to do plenty of blogging while there though, but most of my other daily routines will be drastically altered, which I’m pretty excited about. For now though, a long overdue helping of some of my favorite songs I’ve discovered and had on repeat lately. Some of these are from the past Summer, but I’m gonna be playing catch up for a while I think. Nothing too dance-y today, more on the deep, soulful, trance-inducing chill tip.

And on another note altogether- I have a new Captain Planet album out! My homies at Bastard Jazz records have compiled 12 of my favorite CP remixes from the past 3 years and put them all together on heavy 2xLP vinyl and digital (iTunes, spotify…).  If you’re a regular reader here you may have heard most of these songs before, but be a friend and support! Spreading the music is always appreciated.

Her :       Five Minutes &       Quite Like (D-Pulse Remix)
echoes of Jungle in the sound of this band

Bosq :       Because You ft. Danielle Moore
funky new EP from this half of the Whiskey Barons duo

Shigeto :       Pulse
deep deep and deeper from this Detroit maestro

Nicola Cruz :       Mantis
really great stuff coming out from this Ecuadorian, we may be doing a remix swap in the near future…

Yuna :       Falling
slept on this soulful Malaysian pop star for too long

Alabama Shakes :       Don't Wanna Fight &       Sound & Color
this whole album, if you don’t have it, change that immediately

Hermitude :       Ukiyo
this Aussie duo has a new album and it’s their best work so far

Tame Impala :       New Person &       Cause I'm A Man
speaking of Australia… what the hell is going on over there? This album on repeat many times

CéU :       Sonambulo &       Grains de Beaute
suuuuuper slept on this one from Brazilian chanteuse. Reggae, dub, and funky textures all over this album

Midnight :       Baptize
chillwave goodness from this crooner

Odesza :       Light ft. Little Dragon
loving this new slow joint from these Seattle monsters

  • camilo

    congrats por la boda !!! sigo tu blog !! buena onda ! estare unos dias por tailandia en octubre , donde paras, tendrias que pasarte por New zelanad (donde vivo) . aqui les hace falta sabor !!!

  • Wytse

    Good to hear from you Chuck and congratulations!

  • Jumping Calypso

    As usual, great selection Mixtape Riot. I normally check what’s new on MTR, my emails, some FB browsing, and then the newspapers. In that order. Saludos desde Buenos Aires!

  • soundkillaa

    Congratulations man all the best…

  • Dangerscouse

    Congrats to you and Mrs Mixtape Riot, hope you all had a great day. Great selection of tunes, and I assumed you would have heard CeU before now. Natalie Cavalier is also worth checking out, but you probably know her from Thievery Corp & Federico Aubele collabs. If you like soulful liquid D&B, have a listen to Etherwood’s new album ‘Blue Leaves’…stunningly good and the eponymous Aero Flynn album is also worth checking out: a long time collaborator with Bon Iver and you can hear why too

  • Dangerscouse

    Nicola Cruz is my new favourite artist….really looking forward to hearing your remixes

  • Jon

    Dude, I’ve been thinking the SAME thing, what’s going on with this influx of DOPE Australian music as of late?

  • badkiss

    haven’t visited in a while. you killed it with this post! thank you and congratulations.

  • Log in

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